In understanding the contribution made by members of the community in policing functions, TPF has formed a full fledged commission to coordinate Community Policing initiatives. Community Policing which, is one of the three pillars of the ongoing Tanzania Police Force Reform Programme (TPFRP), has three most dimensional characteristics namely Problem solving, community partnership and organizational transformation. During the year under review, the notable activities performed were as follows:-

During the year under review, TPF managed to conduct 68 indoor and outdoor awareness—


communities countrywide. These meetings were aimed at:-

  • Reinforcing Community Policing awareness campaigns;
  • Strengthening the capacity of community to prevent and solve crime;
  • Enabling joint problem identification and solving through effective PoliceCommcommunication,
    collaboration and interaction;
  • Improving local policing and trust between Police and communities:

Bringing Police and citizens together to prevent crime and solve problems emphas in crime prevention to minimize resources utility.