• Operations and Training Division

    Objective to provide expertise on operations and training of Police Force Functions to prepare and implement contingency plans on natural, artificial and disasters and any other public security crisis;To scrutinize short, medium and long term development programmes aimed at curbing crime in Specific Unit;To develop road traffic enforcement strategies; and Carry out human resource planning to determine supply and demand of Police Officers.

  • Criminal Investigation Division

    Objective to provide expertise on criminal investigation.Its Functions To supervise and coordinate investigations of offences against person; To supervise and coordinate investigations of offences against properties;To support investigation for serious cases whenever  the need arises;To coordinate and supervise the professional investigation on matters relating to fraud, offences committed through cyber space, theft, predicate offences or embezzlement occurring within or against the National and International Financial community; and to supervise, coordinate and conduct investigations of offences of terrorism, extremism and radicalization.

  • Criminal Intelligence Bureau

    Objective is to provide expertise in intelligence analysis.Its Functions are to develop and implement strategies for enhancing criminal intelligence; To plan and administer collection strategies on police integrity; and to analyze intelligence information on criminal and integrity issues.

  • Forensic Investigation Bureau

    Objective to provide expertise on forensic science related issues,Its Functions to keep criminal records;To carry out evidence collection, preservation and packing of physical evidence for scientific analysis and comparison; and To conduct analytical analysis and prepare reports.

  • Community Engagement Division

    Objective is to engage community in policing activities.Its functions are  to strengthen capacity of the community to prevent and solve crime;To conduct daily media analysis and disseminate information to the responsible Police; and To supervise the establishment of gender and children affairs desk.

  • Zanzibar Division

    Zanzibar Police Division will have seven (7) Sections namely:-Operations and Training Section;Criminal Investigation Section;Bureau  of Criminal Intelligence Section;Finance and Logistics Section;Community Engagement Section; Administration and Human Resources Management Section; and Forensic Science Section.

  • Finance and Logistics Division

    Objective to provide expertise in finance management and logistics.Functions to prepare and plan internal financial management control systems;To receive, maintain and manage arms, ammunitions, supplies and materials for the Police Force;To coordinate preparation of Forces plans (Long, medium and short term strategic plans and budgets), circulars, projects and monitor their implementation;To coordinate allocation and distribution of Force assets; and To oversee preservation of Police Lands and Estates.

  • Administration and Human Resources Management

    Objective is to provide expertise and services on human resources management and administrative matters.Its functions are to provide advice on administrative and human resources matters;To provide strategic inputs on Administration and Human Resources Management issues such as recruitment, human resources development and training, promotion, discipline, retention, motivation, performance management and welfare;To ensure optimal, efficient and effective management  and utilization of human resources in the Office; To provide a link between the Office and the President’s Office – Public Service Management on operationalization of the Public Service Management and Employment Policy and relevant Public Service Acts; and To oversee employees’ welfare.